New Video Game Releases For 3-31-09

I’m trying to remember a week in recent memory where there was a similar amount of nothing being released. Must be the wrapup from GDC, with publishers and developers being too busy to release anything.

Unless you’re a pre-pubescent girl with a Nintendo DS. In that case, there’s ALWAYS something new for you. I can’t wait for these games to mature and we get ‘Imagine: High School Social Outcast’ and ‘My Secret Dressup Shame’.

Complete list of this week’s releases after the break.


Nintendo DS

Rhythm Heaven
Gardening Mama
Tokyo Beat Down
My Horse and Me: Riding for Gold
Imagine: Family Doctor
Emergency! Disaster Rescue Squad
Fashion Studio: Paris Collection
My Secret Diary
My Dress Up
My MakeUp
My MakeUp
Pet Vet Down Under
Di-Gata Defenders

Nintendo Wii

Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves
Don King Boxing
Cradle of Rome
Backyard Baseball 2010
Major Minor’s Majestic March
Offshore Tycoon
Ocean Commander
Tournament Pool Wii

Playstation 2

No New Releases

Playstation 3

No New Releases

Playstation Portable

No New Releases

XBox 360

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust



  1. *wipes away tear* Matt I have forgotten just how fucking funny you are.. I have high score on ‘secret dress up shame’ by the way.

    • Awww… Dave… you say the nicest things! Although, I REALLY don’t want to think of you playing that game. 😉

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