Game Review: Red Baron Arcade (PSN)

red-baron-arcade Prop planes with online dogfighting, I am so there.  A game that was once rumored to be discontinued finally hit the Playstation store recently and I gave it a go. Was it worth the $10.00 that I spent on it or should I have bought more DLC for something else? Check the other side for my take on Red Baron Arcade…

As the name and trailer footage, this game is purely an arcade aerial arcade title. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing or a good thing to be honest. The graphics are not great and the mission types are pretty standard for this type of title,  fly around and kill other pilots (usually a predetermined number) or protect something or drop bombs on some ground targets. 

The control scheme is very basic, left stick controls your plane and the right stick controls your view. One button for shooting your guns and one for dropping bombs. The inclusion of a “Quick Turn” button that does exactly that, it performs a U-Turn. The L1 and L2 buttons perform barrel rolls when your under fire. Pretty standard stuff.  There is the option to switch to using the motion features of the Six Axis controller instead of the standard control scheme.

I really felt that this title could have been so much more that it was, it made me  miss Aces Over Europe. I felt that it was way too easy to play and I think I only died twice during the whole game. Maybe the inclusion of being able to repair damage and refill your turbo by running into a green orb that respawns may have something to do with that.  Also the ability to slow your aircraft way down to a crawl and never stall also made it way too easy. 

Plane selection is alright, there is a total of 11 planes and the ability to customize the color of your selection was good. While the game has collectibles as well as medals there is no support for Trophies if that is important to you.

There is 8 player online that includes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes. These are pretty fun but there isn’t exactly a lot of people playing it.

Overall, it is an ok distraction but I find myself thinking that the price should have been maybe $4.99 instead of $9.99. My recommendation would be to Dodge this title and either pick up H.A.W.X or wait to see if the rumors of a new Aces Over Europe are true.

Brian Ellis is a co-founder and senior editor of Bag of Mad Bastards and co-host of Drunken Monkey Tech podcast found here. He can be reached at if you have questions/comments.


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