Game Review: Watchmen: The End is Nigh (PSN,XBLA)

the_end_is_nigh Like the Watchmen? Like beating people senseless? This may be the game for you. Having been disappointed over the years with movie tie-in games and the bulk of super hero games in the past, I was reluctant to try this title. How is it do you ask? Well, perhaps you should click through and read on to find out….


I grew up playing games like the Double Dragon series, Bad Dudes and the original TMNT series of games. You know, wander around and beat up loads of enemies with  a buddy on the same screen and ooccasionally pick up a weapon or  something that can be used as a weapon to enhance my attack prowess.

That is basically what this game is to me and I like it for that simple fact. It is straight forward, work with your partner, either Rorschach or Nite Owl (Depending on your preference) and beat up a lot of prisoners. You will unlock various combos and moves.  Along the way you will encounter mind bending puzzles like each of you pulling a lever at the same time…  The two are different in their methods, Rorschach is a brawler and makes use of makeshift weapons. Nite Owl, uses martial arts and gadgets just like you would expect if your familiar with the comics. Each are voiced by their movie counterparts Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley which is a nice touch.

The story is pretty good and keeps you interested enough to keep playing but the real fun in this game is the violent finish moves and playing with a friend. I only wish the co-op was able to be done online and not just local multiplayer.

There isn’t a huge amount of depth to this game but for the price of approximately $20.00, I think it is worth it and I have had a lot of fun playing it. You can beat the game in a single sitting (There is an achievement/Trophy for doing so) which is alright by me. Keep in mind that this is a mature rated download so be careful around the kiddies. Graphics are nice and other than a few camera problems here and there, I enjoyed this title and would recommend that you pick it up.

Brian Ellis is a co-founder and senior editor of Bag of Mad Bastards and co-host of Drunken Monkey Tech podcast found here. He can be reached at if you have questions/comments


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