Game Review: Burn, Zombie, Burn! (PSN)

burn_zombie_burnBurn, Zombie, Burn! is now available in the Playstation Store. After finding the trophy list for the game, I was fairly excited to check it out. So did it meet my expectations? Did it satisfy my zombie-killing appetite? Keep reading to find out!

Burn, Zombie, Burn! is a simple analog shooter with one basic objective: kill zombies. Using the left analog stick to move around and either R1 or X, all you do is run around killing zombies with the various weapons on hand (i.e. chainsaw, pistol, lawnmower). You’re also given a few secondary weapons to help you out. The main secondary weapon is a small torch to light zombies on fire and increase your multiplier, but you are given a couple others from time to time that are a lot more fun, including the dance ray gun which causes all zombies you shoot to start dancing to music reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s thriller. While this may seem rather silly and pointless, it’s a good way to temporarily stop the zombies from attacking you.

The main character in the game is Bruce, a character that was modeled after Bruce Campbell’s character in Evil Dead. While he’s got some funny lines that he tosses out there from time to time, he only has 4 or 5 lines total. This gets rather monotonous and boring but at least he only talks at the beginning of the level.

Gameplay includes both singleplayer and multiplayer. The single player can be broken down into 10 various challenges and an arcade mode. The arcade mode has 6 different levels that can be played through 3 different modes: free play (kill as many zombies as you can with the lives you’re given), timed (survive the onslaught of zombies for a specific amount of time), and defend Daisy (protect the damsel in distress from the zombies). Each level will award a bronze, silver, or gold medal depending on your score. Get at least a bronze medal to unlock the next level.

When you have a second controller connected, multiplayer gameplay becomes available. While the split screen makes it possible to play with someone else, it’s unfortunately not online capable.  Probably best to stick with single player.

So is it worth a buy? For $10? I’d say BUY IT. While the game is difficult (and somewhat painful on the fingers after a while), it’s still a lot of fun. It’s a nice game to just pick up, kill a few thousand zombies, and then put down again. If you’re looking for a serious, in-depth game, this isn’t the game for you. If you’re looking for a fun, simple game to play from time to time, this would be a perfect addition to your collection.


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