Trophy List: Rag Doll Kung Fu

ragdollkungfuThis fun little title hit the PSN a couple of days ago and I found out that we didn’t have a list for it so here it is.


Rag Doll Apprentice
Earn bronze on all challenges

Learning the Ropes
Play all four Multiplayer Game Modes

Mover and Shaker
Execute every motion sensor-based move

Annoying Acrobat
Swing from one place to another and damage an opponent in between

Let Me Down!
Hit an airborne player with three consecutive Lightning Balls

Room Clearer (Secret highlight to read)
Damage three opponents with a single attack

Offside (Secret highlight to read)
Throw the fish to a team-mate who then scores within one second


Rag Doll Expert
Earn Silver on all challenges

Combo Meal
Hit an opponent in the air with all three special attacks before the opponent lands

Fishy Billiards
Score a goal by shooting the fish into the basket with a Lightning Ball

Bully (Secret highlight to read)
Defeat an opponent who is grabbed by your team-mate


Rag Doll Master
Earn Gold on all challenges


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