SingStar PS3 Patch Is Live!

See what happens when I go to my day job? I have to make a quick post from my phone, and I can’t enjoy the benefits of being near a console.

I’m getting multiple reports that the SingStar patch is live, including Trophy Support and voice control.

Full details inside.

Here’s the info, straight from Sony:

A new voice control menu will enable players to scroll through the song carousel and select the tracks they’d like to sing by simply speaking into the microphone. In addition to voice control, the new patch will include support for over 30 trophies including ‘Super Singer Gold’, ‘Keep it Cool’ and ‘All Eyes on You’, quick song purchase functionality and an enhanced redesign of the SingStore and MySingStarOnline. The new patch is free to users and will be compatible with all SingStar PS3 discs.

Get to downloading, and I’ll join you online later tonight.

If you haven’t picked up the game yet, here are some options:

SingStar (Game Only)
SingStar Vol. 2 (Game Only)
SingStar ABBA (Game Only)
SingStar (With Mics)
SingStar Vol. 2 (With Mics)
Pre-Order SingStar Queen


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