XBox 360 Achievement List: Shinobi (XBLA)

Unlike the other classic Sega games coming to XBLA, this one ISN’T available as part of the recent Ultimate Collection, and for my money, it’s the best of the Shinobi series.

Achievements… you guessed it, they are inside.

Complete The Game – 25GP
Finish the game.

Often Say Die – 25GP
Play through 20 player deaths, with difficulty set to Hardest.

Points III – 25GP
Score 300,000 points.

Perfect Challenge – 25GP
Complete a perfect bonus round.

Chopper Stopper – 15GP
Defeat the Black Turtle helicopter in Mission 2… with difficulty on Hardest.

Points II – 15GP
Score 80,000 points.

What’s a Ninja? – 15GP
Complete Mission 1 without losing a life.

Negotiator – 15GP
Rescue 25 hostages.

Kick It – 10GP
Use Melee.

Points I – 10GP
Score 20,000 points.

It’s Electric – 10GP
Use Lightning Magic.

Killer Winds – 10GP
Use Tornado Magic.


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