Product Review: Kodak Zi6

frontAre you looking for a small light weight video recorder that you can carry almost anywhere so its there if you need it. Well the Kodak Zi6 might be just what you need, find out on the other side.

If you have ever seen a treo cell phone then you have a very good clue to what the size and shape the Zi6 is.
For those of you who don’t know it is 2.5in x 4.5in x .9in so not to big at all. It runs on 2 AA batteries and comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger.

There are many different settings for this camera

  • HD (720p)
  • HD60 (720p 60 FPS)
  • VGA (SD 480i)
  • 3 MP still camera

It has a 2x digital zoom that works, but I wouldn’t recommend using; the pixelation is very bad when zooming in. With the 2.4 LCD screen you can preview your pictures or video right on the camera and delete from the camera on the fly. You don’t need to have a computer handy to do that stuff.

It has 128MB of internal memory (30 for image storage) built in with a SD slot that can handle SD or SDHC cards. There is a mono microphone and speaker on the camera also.

The file format that the camera records in is MOV (quicktime). This is the only downside I see in this camera. if you are just planing on uploading strait to youtube it shouldn’t be a problem at all. If you are planing on doing some editing to your video then some programs can have problems with MOV.

There are 3 different outputs on the camera

  • USB 2.0
  • Component
  • AV standard

So you can plug it directly into you computer, TV, or HDTV and watch what you have on the camera.
The camera has the standard 1/4in tripod mount on the bottom of it. I personally picked up a Pedco UltraPod II for my Zi6 for fast and easy use of it.
If you are looking for something small and effective that can do HD video and not take up much room then you need this camera. You can BUY IT using the link below.
Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera


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  1. […] that were easy to carry around but still had excellent quality. While the guys went with the Kodak Zi6, I went a different route and picked up the Sony Webbie. I’ll admit, the color was the first […]

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