Booster Pack Review: Mahjong Tales, Magic Ball, & PixelJunk Eden

booster-packsOver the past couple of weeks we’ve had three Booster Packs hit for three of our favorite PSN titles here at B.O.M.B. Rather than doing three individual reviews, I’ve decided to do one big review to cover the packs for Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom, Magic Ball, and PixelJunk Eden. Keep reading to find out what I thought of the new content.

Magic Ball Booster Pack

First on the list of Booster Packs was for Magic Ball. The pack included the Wicked Witches Episode featuring 24 new levels. This also came with 5 new trophies focused on these new levels. These levels are fun but are inreasingly harder than the first two episodes of the game, getting to the point of near impossible at times. Regardless of the difficulty, I still really enjoyed the new pack. If you enjoyed the original game, this pack is definitely worth a buy.

Along with the downloadable content, Magic Ball also received a patch which enabled custom soundtracks. This is really cool. While I enjoy the music that comes preloaded with the game, it is nice to throw on something different.

Check out the updated trophy list for Magic Ball here. Check out the original review here.


PixelJunk Eden Encore

Next on the list is PixelJunk Eden Encore. This downloadable pack opens up 5 new gardens and 12 new trophies. These new gardens are just as fun as the original 10. If you enjoyed the original PixelJunk Eden, go buy the Encore pack. It’s a great addition to a great game.

Check out the updated trophy list for PixelJunk Eden here. Check out the original review here.


Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Booster Pack

Last but definitely not least was the booster pack for Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. The pack includes 25 new Infinity layouts, a layout editor, and 5 new trophies. The new layouts can be found in the Infinity menu labeled as Animal Pack. All 25 new layouts are in the shape of various animals. Nothing special there, just more layouts, which is always nice. The Layout Editor, however, is really cool. You get to put the tiles in whatever pattern you’d like with a large number of tiles or a small number. You then have the ability to play the layouts you create. I thoroughly enjoyed this. If you like Mahjong this is a worthwhile pack to get.

Mahjong Tales also got a new patch this week which enabled mouse support. This makes working through the various layouts so much easier. The one thing I thought was missing from the original and now we have it!

Check out the updated trophy list for Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom here. Check out the original review here.


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