Product Review: “iheartradio” Radio App (Blackberry)

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Do you live just out of range of your favorite Clear Channel Radio station? Does your work not allow streaming audio through their networks?? Do you want to finally know what Bob & Tom’s hometown broadcast sounds like???

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above questions AND you carry a Blackberry, I might have the program you’ve been looking for… Follow the link for more details!

In this review I will discuss the Blackberry App called “iheartradio” which is a FREE downloadable app from the Blackberry App store. This app allows you to stream audio from several of Clear Channel (CC) Radio’s several major markets.

The markets include (but are not limited to) Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Indianapolis, LA, Miami, Salt Lake City, and even Washington, D.C. This gives you an idea of how vast the markets CC covers.

The BETA 1.0 that I have running on my 83xx series Berry allows me to search for local stations via my GPS, look thru all the cities and stations available for each city, and even search through specific programming formats.

So, if you want to listen to a sporting event that is covered by a CC station, have a favorite DJ, or just are looking for something new, this is the app for you! I give it a “TRY IT” rating. While not my favorite streaming music app for my Berry, I still keep it around for those nights at work that I want to listen to a sporting event, since my company blocks!



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