Product Review: WarBeast Guitar Controller (PS3 and PS2)


Once again, it’s time to play test ANOTHER plastic instrument.

At this rate, I’m going to need to rent a storage unit to hold them all.

The WarBeast by DreamGear is a full-size controller for Playstation 3, for Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Rock Revolution (don’t bother playing that last one).

Full review is inside.

Yep… this controller is friggin’ HUGE.

Previously the largest controller I’ve used was the Starpeak, but the WarBeast is easily longer and wider. Surprisingly, it’s light and remarkably comfortable. Maybe it’s because it’s made of plastic instead of wood, but it still feels reasonably ‘authentic’.

Did I say ‘authentic’? I meant it. Comparing it to a real B.C. Rich WarBeast that I have kicking around the house, the size and shape are nearly identical, and in most ways (other than weight) the guitars feel very similar.

The feature set of the WB is like a wish list for rhythm game enthusiasts: strum bar from the the Guitar Hero World Tour axe, low profile buttons like a Rock Band controller (including smaller solo buttons), easy access to Star Power/Overdrive via a wide ‘bridge’ button, and logically placed Start, Select, PS, and Effect switch.

An added bonus over other full-size controllers is the inclusion of a D-Pad. Nice.

The guitar feels good even after long play sessions, and the more natural length of the neck means less strain on your wrist. The unit can also break down into three pieces for easy storage and transport.

I only ran into a few problems, and I can easily overlook them; the guitar tends to lose synch with the wireless dongle when starting or exiting a game, and the green button didn’t work the first time I tried it.

Losing synch means unplugging the dongle, turning off the guitar, and then resynching. Since it’s only during non-game moments, it didn’t really bother me much.

The green button? When assembling the controller I didn’t fully slide the neck into the body. I’ve had the same problem with the Guitar Hero controllers, so I immediately recognized what was going on. Removing the neck and re-seating it solved the problem immediately.

Just letting you know, so if you pick one up and don’t fit the neck properly, you don’t think you got a defective unit.

Overall, it’s comfortable, loaded with features, and reasonably priced. Although it would have been nice to have batteries included (4xAA), I feel good about the purchase, and so should you.

Matt says BUY IT.

Looking to buy one, or just want more info? Playstation 3 WarBeast Guitar


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