StageSet Adds Machinima Possibilities To Playstation Home


[UPDATE] AlphaZone4 has some video clips of StageSet in action. Color me impressed.

I’ve always thought the virtual ‘filmmaking’ possibilities of Playstation Home could be a great selling point… if you could manage to get a decent camera angle.

Imagine video podcasts, dramas, comedies, and other multimedia programming being ‘shot’ inside a virtual set in Playstation Home.

We even tried it once with B!tch Sl@p Episode 111. Capturing multiple angles, coordinating movement… it was essentially a pain, and it looked nasty.

Sony is looking to make things much easier for aspiring media moguls, and they plan on doing it THIS WEEK.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Home will be getting an update later this week, and it will include StageSet, an entire suite of cameras, lighting, FX, and editing tools to create your own mini epics with the Playstation 3.

If it works, I’m going to be ENTIRELY too busy recreating my favorite episodes of ‘Friends’.

I’m kidding, I’ve never watched ‘Friends’… but I’ll certainly be playing with StageSet.


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