Game Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

XMOW Movie Logo (lo.res)Oh no its another game spawned from a movie, RUN!  Ok, don’t really run.  But do you want to know if this game was any good, or at least better than the crap that was the movie? Find out on the other side.

Since this is not a review of the movie I will try my best to stay away from things pertaining to the movie unless I am comparing something from the game.


  • RELENTLESSLY VISCERAL COMBAT – This is a full tilt all out button mashing brawl, and it works great.  If you need a flat out beat the crap and kill every thing in sight game this is it.  From the regular claw attacks and combos to the crazy blood flying everywhere from a rage attack, this is non stop carnage.
  • CINEMATIC INTENSITY – They are using Unreal III Engine. Nuff said right?  Well no, falling from a helicopter at 30,000 feet you control Wolverine as he free falls dodging bullets and rockets from the ground.  Also taking on several enemies at once and the mass of some of the levels, graphically this game is pretty.
  • REAL-TIME GENERATION – What? The character you are playing is getting health back in the middle of a level for no reason.  Well finally it makes sense, this is Wolverine after all.

Xbox360owp_INTL3Party_temp.inddAlso I really enjoyed the jumping back and forth in time, you don’t actually jump in time but you get to play a jungle level then bump up to a level where Wolverine has his adamantium.

The controls of this game are great and work very well.  You slowly gain abilities and attacks and that makes controlling Wolvering easier.  Also tapping up on the D-Pad gives you “feral sense” for about a minute of time.  While in feral sense objects in the level that are interactive are green glowing, things you can destroy are yellow, and things that go boom when you hit them are red.  This is one of the things I would change about the game.  Feral sense is my life line, so reaching over every time it turned off to tap up again was very annoying but totally worth it. I just wish there was a toggle on and off for feral sense.

While going through the game keep an eye out for laptops that you can interact with, they have back story about characters and really made the game more enjoyable listening to them.

The boss fights are interestingly spaced in this game. Feels like you fight 3 in a row then a billion of the fodder guys, then another mass of bosses.  Also one thing to note is that the last boss can be a very frustrating fight, take your time and stay calm.  If you need some tips on that fight feel free to send me an e-mail and I will tell you how I pulled it off.

All in all this is a GREAT game, remember at the beginning where I said I might compare it in places to the movie? Well I can’t do that, it is so much better than the movie and you need to go BUY IT now.    If you are reading this you shouldn’t be, you should be out getting the game.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Official Strategy Guide


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  1. Hugh (Huge) Jackman must have worked out for years prior to filming this

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