Next Week’s Rock Band Tracks!

Guess I need to make sure to set some extra cash aside. Seriously, how can I ignore these songs?

Social Distortion – ‘Bad Luck’, ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘Story of My Life
Steely Dan – ‘Black Friday’, ‘My Old School’
Disturbed – ‘Stricken’, ‘Stupify
Elvis Costello – ‘Radio Radio
The Replacements – ‘Kids Don’t Follow’

Looking over the list I see some of my favorite tunes of all time. Your mileage may vary, but if you’re not familiar with ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘Story of My Life’, and most importantly ‘Radio Radio’… take my word for it, you’ll at least want to snag those three.

If you’d like an interesting read from former 1Uper Jeff Green, AND the bonus of seeing a clip of Costello performing ‘Radio Radio’ live on Saturday Night Live, just click here. I promise, it’s good stuff.


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