inFAMOUS Stunt list

infamousIf you are wondering what all the stunts in inFAMOUS are so you can get your three stunt trophies then look no further. Well, check the other side, but you get the idea.

Just so you know, you DO NOT have to do these in the order that they are on the pause screen. Once you complete any of them the counter goes up and it is counted towards the trophy. I have been sitting on flying melee for almost the whole time but my counter is going up.

Kill an enemy by crushing them with an object.

Sticky Bomb
Kill an enemy by fixing a sticky shock grenade to them.

Kill an enemy by making them fall from a high place, usually over a ledge.

Enviro Take Down
Kill an enemy with environmental explosion.

Melee Finisher
Kill an enemy with the last hit of 5 hit melee combo.

Air Strike
Kill an enemy with the Lightning Bolt move while Cole is in the air.

Blast & Bolt
Kill an airborne enemy with the standard Lightning Bolt weapon.

Flying Head Shot
Aim carefully, and take out an airborne enemy with a headshot.

Flying Melee
Kill an airborne enemy with a melee attack.

Unquenchable Thirst
Transfer to 4 different grinds without touching anything else.

Premature Detonation
Kill an enemy by making a bomb-equipped kamikaze enemy explode near them.

Right Back At Ya
Use the Shockwave move to make enemy kill themselves with a grenade or rocket.

Air Sticky Bomb
Kill an airborne enemy by sticking a grenade to them.

Insult To Injury
Stick a grenade to an enemy, but then kill them with another weapon (or melee) before it explodes.

Whack A Mole
Kill a Conduit with the Thunder Drop move.

Suspended Sentence
Kill an airborne enemy with the Thunderstorm move.

Up Close And Personal
Kill 3 Enemies back to back with just the melee. Don’t fire in-between.

Crowd Control
Kill 5 Enemies at once, easier with a grenade.

Splash And Crash
While in the air, Shock an enemy and then hit the same enemy with the Thunder Drop move.

Have A Nice Fall
Kill 3 enemies at once by making them fall from a high place.

Ride The Lightning
Kill an enemy with Precision while rail grinding.



  1. thanks, this is helpful. oh, for flying melee, simply shockwave a guy (reaper’s are easier to kill, so I suggest you try it with one of them) into a wall. Then melee him, also if you damage him before the shockwave, and upgrade your melee to full, your chances will be increased.

  2. Thanks for the tip, i got mine somehow kicking a guy off a building, your way seems much easier

  3. very easy to get Up Close And Personal. for people who is reading this goto mission three the escape town mission and fight the police dont start the riot and when i mean fight the police just only melee fight them.

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