Win A B.O.M.B Hoodie!


As part of our growing effort to spread the word about our site, and our never ending search for new ways to humor ourselves, we’re having a contest.

Check inside for all the details.

Okay, here’s the rundown in plain English:

  • Purchase one of our ‘Bastard 4 Life’ stickers (or you can download and print your own below if you’re cheap).
  • Take a picture of the sticker in a funny place (the back of a clergy member’s robes, for instance).
  • Email the picture to BEFORE AUGUST 1, 2009.
  • The picture that makes us laugh the hardest wins a hoodie.
  • Two runner-ups will receive the B.O.M.B. bumper sticker of their choice.
  • We’ll post the best pics on the site.

Here’s the details that are a little less fun:

  • The ‘Bastard 4 Life’ sticker (or self printed graphic) cannot be altered in any way that makes it unreadable, or changes the meaning/message it contains.
  • Bag Of Mad Bastards, LLC and it’s owners, agents, affiliates are not responsible if you break the law, damage your property (or someone else’s), get hurt, or get yourself sued.
  • We’re not condoning vandalism, it’s your responsibility (not ours) to make sure you’re in the clear to paste a sticker on something.
  • We’re not your mother, and we won’t be running you to the hospital. DON’T DO ANYTHING THAT’S GOING TO GET SOMEBODY HURT. Not only can we not be responsible for that, but if your picture is of obviously dangerous placement, we’ll disqualify it. This should be fun, not pain inducing.
  • If we can’t put your picture on the site because it contains graphic nudity, violence, or hate speech, we have to disqualify it. That being said, if you can show it on television, it’s probably okay. Mildly ‘Not Safe For Work’ is probably okay too, just remember we’re not a porn site.
  • If there’s any question on whether a picture meets the above criteria, the final decision on suitability of the picture for the contest is the sole discretion of Bag Of Mad Bastards, LLC, and there is not appeal process.
  • Limit of 3 entries per household.
  • If we missed something here, we reserve the right to alter the contest rules, as long as we notify you of changes before July 15, 2009, or if after that date the contest deadline will be extended 15 days.
  • The limit of Bag Of Mad Bastards, LLC liability will be the cost or procurement of ONE B.O.M.B. logo hoodie for the winner, and two B.O.M.B.bumper stickers, one for each runner-up.
  • Our decision concerning contest winners is final, and at our discretion.
  • Winners will be announced no later than August 8, 2009.

Still with me? Great!

Order your ‘Bastard 4 Life’ stickers at the Store or download your own printable version.


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