Video Game Releases For 6-30-09

It’s an invasion of movie tie-in games for every known platform… worse yet, it’s an invasion of KIDS movie tie-ins.

Run for the hills!

Check the full list of game releases on all major platforms inside.

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Video Game Releases For 6-23-09

We all got a little busy last week, so we’re playing catch up. Expect this week’s list to be posted shortly.

Check the full list of game releases on all major platforms inside.

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PS3 Firmware 2.8 Released

Version 2.8 of the PS3 firmware was released today. Nothing major in this update, according to the Official Playstation Blog, the playback quality of some Playstation 3 format software has been improved. Whether or not any ground work has been added in the background for a major future update remains to be seen but as the numbering scheme implies, this is a minor update and until we get to a major revision number (like 3.0) we shouldn’t expect too much. This doesn’t appear to be a mandatory update.

The original announcement on the Official Playstation Blog can be found here.

ZeniMax Media Acquires id Software

This came as a huge surprise  but today ZeniMax Media Inc announced today that it has completed the acquisition of id Software.

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Game Review: Red Faction – Guerrilla (360, PS3)

RFGThe third installment of the popular FPS series has been released and it’s not a FPS this time around. Does the formula change work? Find out on the other side…


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Big Surf Island: The 9th Car

Big Surf IslandJust a quick note for anyone wondering.  The only way to get the last car from the Big Surf Island add-on is to complete all 500 online challenges.  So if you wana show your true Burnout awesomeness you better get to work.

Game Review: Guitar Hero Smash Hits

ghshMy past experience with the Guitar Hero franchise has been… complicated.

Activision/Red Octane/Neversoft have just released Guitar Hero Smash Hits, a compilation of some of the best music from earlier guitar-only games, but with Guitar Hero World Tour mechanics and parts for guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.

Is the music selection alone enough to change my mind about the franchise?

Find out inside.

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