E3 Hands On: Little Big Planet PSP

One of the first games that I saw that I felt was a must play for me while here at E3 was Little Big Planet on the PSP.Click through to see my early impressions of this title….

Now I actually played it on the new PSP GO but I won’t go into specifics regarding the Go in this article. We will cover the Go in greater detail at a later time.

It is nice to fire up a portable gaming system and play a title that is familiar to you both in look and feel to it’s big brother consoles counterpart. I have been burnt before playing a game that the only thing in common with a previous iteration on a full console is it’s name. I am happy to report that this is not the case.

When launching the game, I was greeted with the lovable sackboy that we have all grown to love and the bright colorful world had been translated perfectly to the PSP. The familiar level design and game mechanics remain intact and make for a wonderful experience. There was no noticeable slow downs or hiccups graphically and at times I almost forgot that I was playing it on a portable system.

The only thing that I had a problem with and let’s try to remember that this is an unfinished product and running a debug code, was I had a hard time jumping from plane to plane, you know changing depths on the z-axis. Which if you remember correctly was tweaked over and over again in the original. Not a huge deal and will be fine turned I am sure before it’s release.

Also the ability to move the hands independently and smack your buddies was seemingly missing. Obviously, motion controls are not there due to no six axis in the PSP but the game mechanics have not changed and I for one cannot wait for this title to be released.



  1. […] and I then went around the floor, playing the Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo, along with Little Big Planet, Motorstorm : Artic Edge, and Soul Caliber for the PSP, along with some usage out of the new PSP […]

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