Fury's E3 Escapades: Day 1

Since my first day here was spent watching canned video conferences with limited playable content ( yuck), watching Frenchmen speak at Ubisoft ( double yuck), and watching Lee and Matt (ew, I just threw up), I left most of the reporting to the liveblogs andeveryone else. But what did I do with the first real day of E3?  Click to find out past the break.

The beginning of the day was Nintendo’s pres conference, and since I have little interest in all things Nintendo, I skipped it.  After a nice leisurely shower and some TV watching, I got myself some sausage mcmuffins and made my walk to the convention center.  I made it just in time to start the Sony conference, to which I had little more interest, but still paid little to no attention to.  After catching up with the internets and my email, the first interview was on. 

Fatal1ty was up, and I was a little wary on what we might be asking him.  As a professional gamer, I doubted I was going to be blown away by his eloquence, and I wasn’t disappointed.  He hawked his latest line of headphones and memory with OCZ, and I put him on the spot with some questions about what makes him special and any tips for anyone trying to follow in his shoes, but nothing earth shattering was decided.  See Ali’s writeup for a more in depth look at Fatal1ty.

Then was on to Paradox, a game developer.  This amounted to little more than some demo showing, but their games looked very interesting.  Lee’s writeup will be more in depth.  But hopefully it gave me some access to a game I might not have normally played, and we can hopefully review a few games for you that you might not have normally seen.

Brian and I then went around the floor, playing the Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo, along with Little Big Planet, Motorstorm : Artic Edge, and Soul Caliber for the PSP, along with some usage out of the new PSP Go.  Click above for more in depth looks at the games.

The Into the Pixel art exhibit was very cool.  Free food, beer, and some very good looking art made it worthwhile.  I also got to talk to some very interesting people from Ubisoft.  Thanks Dan for the conversation, and hope to hear from you soon.    Then we made the return to the hotel. 

Hopefully I get some more gametime on day 2, and I’ll keep you up to date if anything earth shattering happens, but plan on another update after day 2.   Reach me by email at Fury@bagofmadbastards.com if I can find any answers for some burning questions.


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