E3 Report: Bethesda

Today I spent time with Bethesda Softworks to check out their E3 lineup. Oddly enough, I was very surprised with what they had to show… check the other side for a full report.

Expecting to be show a new RPG or addon content for Fallout 3. I was surprised that there were no RPG games but instead 3rd person action and FPS games.


First up, which there was a large focus on was Brink. This is a collaboration with Splash Damage and is a  FPS game that utilizes a heavily modified version of the engine used for Quake Wars Enemy Territory. The game looked gorgeous and has a heavy focus on classes, which seems to be a theme these days.

There are two factions in the game, the Resistance and the Security. You can play either side of the conflict. This is a class based FPS, you pick a class like an engineer or foot soldier etc… The class you choose effects your weapons and objectives within the game. The nice thing is that if you can find a command post you can change your class based on the needs of your team and situation.

While playing you can bring up an objective wheel and it will give you a list of objectives that you have available and how much experience you can get from completing it. The game features 8 player drop in and drop out co-op support as well as 16 player online competitive. Expect this title in Spring 2010 for the PS3, XBOX360 and PC.

Rouge Warrior

Rouge Warrior is based on Dick Marcinko who is trapped behind enemy lines in North Korea on a covert mission to assess the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. In a nutshell, it is an FPS that can either be played as a stealth game or a you can go “Balls to the Wall” and shoot everything but it will make it very difficult if you do so.

Visually it looked great and the kill moves that you can execute were very graphic. Definately a good thing, these kill moves are contextual and depending on angle and what is going on they will change.

AI looked challenging and properly used cover and when the person showing the demo to me took out all the lights, the AI actually started using flares to help them see you. I am anxious to watch the progression of this title and see how it develops.


This is a very stylized 3rd person action game. It’s menu style is grainy similar to a grind house flick, gives it a very unique look and feel to the game.You are a dual pistol wielding vixen (voiced by Eliza Dushku), that is not to be messed with.

She is very acrobatic and unlike other games of this genre, you can continue to shoot and attack during these acrobatic moves. When you initiate these moves, it slows the pace a bit allowing you to lock on with one pistol and then free aim and shoot with the other one.

As you chain together combos and moves, you receive point which can be redeemed for additional moves and attacks. Perhaps one of my favorite moves that I witnessed was the way in which she moves down ladders. She wraps her legs around the sides of the ladder and begins to slide down, meanwhile arching backwards, giving you the opportunity to continue attacking as you work your way down.

Adding to the already amazing/unique look to the game, taking damage and dying is also a very cool departure from the standard blood on the screen or red haze. When you take damage the edges of the screen curl like a filmstrip and when you die it burns up and melts like a movie real. Even at this stage of development I can already tell this will be a standout title in the action genre when it is released.. I for one am excited for this title and will be placing my pre-order once I return home.

Overall, Bethesda had a very strong lineup this year and we can expect great things from them.


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