Dead Space Extraction Wii – Preview


Here is one of the games I have been waiting for, and we are going to have to wait a little bit longer still. Dead Space Extraction for the Wii is scheduled to be released in September of this year.

Can you wait that long?

I have been intensely curious about this game and I got the chance to play it at E3.  If you want to know what I thought of the game check it out on the other side…

UPDATED – We now have almost 10 minutes of gameplay footage included in the story.


As a fan of the Dead Space game I was really excited to be able to play this game. I traditionally don’t play much Wii so I was a little apprehensive about that, but the controls were really easy to adjust to. While it has some of the elements that I really liked about Dead Space, it is not at all the same game.

This game is a prequel to Dead Space and you begin by attempting to gain access to the Ishimaura during the first wave of the necromorphs. For those of us that played the first game this means your in a familiar place and it’s as beautifully rendered as the first one. If you get to a place where it’s too dark to see try shaking the controller to light up the glow stick.

This is a rail based shooter with co-operative elements.  You play with an AI partner if your playing single player. The partner enables you to have a second player step in or out at any time. We tried this out with Josh jumping in while I was playing and it worked flawlessly.

 When you get to a decision about which way you want to go the same floor lines that you used in the first game show up highlighting which ways you can choose and by highlighting the one you want you can continue in that direction. Pick ups of health and ammo are done by clicking the A button while aiming at the object. This can be tricky sometimes as you are still moving on the rail toward your next destination and you can’t just turn around.

There are puzzles reminiscent of the first game but with the AI side kick they were able to make the characters dependent on one another to get the job done. The first puzzle I came to required taking turns defending your partner and solving the puzzle while they defend you.

There are some of the same weapons as well as new ones, I have no idea how many yet. You change to secondary fire on the weapons by turning your wrist sideways. Because you don’t have a safe to go save extra stuff into, you drop one weapon into an occupied slot it exchanges them. You don’t have to compete for the weapon drops though. When I picked up the Arch Welder Josh also had the weapon in his arsenal.

All in all I am still excited about this game. As I don’t have a Wii of my own yet I will have to take advantage of the drop in feature to mooch off my friends for game play. Of course I have some time…will Dead Space Extraction be the reason I finally buy a Wii? I am considering it.

If you didn’t get to play the first Dead Space game you can find my review of that game here on the site or you can order the game here Dead Space

For pre-order of Dead Space Extraction

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