Brutal Legend – E3 Game Preview

brutal legend

That’s right Jack Black, Ozzy Osborn, Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, and Lita Ford in a fantasy land of ROCK.

The story of a rodie Eddie Riggs (voice of Jack Black) who lands in a world of Heavy Metal and it’s his job to save the human race by building an army of rockers.

I got to play a bit at E3, want to know what I thought then click on over to the other side…

I am a huge fan of Jack Black and well to be honest Ozzy, Rob, Lemmy, and Lita too.  So I was really excited to be able to play this game, even for just a few minutes.

Inspired by album covers the scenery is very cool, all skulls, bones, and fiery skys. It’s the kind of world every metal head dreams about.  The main character Eddie is your typical metal head with the leather vest, spiked wrist bands, long hair, and his flying V guitar strapped to his back. Oh yeah can’t forget his all access back stage pass hanging around his neck.

The first weapon you learn to use in game is a battle axe ‘The Separator’ and the second is his flying V guitar ‘Clementine’. The guitar came with him from reality and is magically infused in this world of rock so that it can be use to call down electricity or fire to use against your enemies. Then you build your hot rod Deuce. With these three things you have an open world to explore.

The instructions are easy to follow and there is really no frustration figuring out the controls. It starts out simple and progressively gets more complex as you go.

I got to play on the PS3 but it will be available for the XBox 360 as well. I would have stood on the floor and played till I got kicked off but I had places to be and it was hard to hear the dialog with 50 other systems playing different games around me. I can’t wait to get this one home and play on my own system.

Click the link below to see the trailer.

Hell Yeah!!! I am definitely getting this game. I’ll be pre-ordering mine here and you can too. Brutal Legend XBox 360 Brutal Legend PS3


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