E3 2009: B.O.M.B. Gets Hands-On With Beatles Rock Band

With all these video features, we’ll be doing full articles.

Just thought you might want to check out the video as soon as possible.

Here’s a clip of five Bastards playing Beatles Rock Band.

The lineup:

  • Vocals – Lee and Ali
  • Drums – Josh
  • Guitar – Matt
  • Bass AND Vocals – Lynn

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  1. You guys looked way to serious when you were playing, where was the smiles and the laughing! Seriously though, how was the addition of the extra singers, I’m assuming the extra mikes plug into the controllers directly much like the headset on the current guitars and drums?
    I’m been putting together information and trailers about the Beatles Rock Band here, http://www.squidoo.com/the-beatles-rockband, so any extra info would be appreciated,

    • We take our Rock Band VERY seriously. 😉

      Actually, I think it was because we were all exhausted.

      At any rate, the systems and connections were all hidden, but from what I understood the mics would need to be plugged into a USB port, but a hub would be included with the kit (on the dongles for PS3/XBox, separate hardware for Wii).

  2. Hmmm so more cables and danglies, not sure if I am excited by that. Might have been slicker to incorporate it all wireslessly, but that would just add to the cost, sigh.

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