E3 Preview: Heroes Of Telara

Going into E3, I had plenty on my plate to play and see. At 4pm on Tuesday, I headed to an appointment with Trion, to see what they brought to the show.

Lets just say you NEED to check the other side to see the images and trailer for Trion’s game Heroes Of Telara.

Honestly when I got to the meeting room I had no clue what they had in store for me. Trion was a company that I had never heard of, but the slide show of concept art they had running while I was waiting was piquing my interest.

Also while I was waiting I talked to Chris, Director of Community Management, and found out a little more about Trion. The company has only been around a couple years, and Heroes Of Telara is going to be the first game they release. With little history in the development team as a group, between all team members they have developed and shipped more than 100 original titles.

Lets just say that you may not have heard of them, but these guys know what they are doing.

The first thing I got to see was the trailer for the game, so I have it here for you to see also.
Note: This video is ALL IN GAME, no pre-rendered cinematics here.

As you can see this game looks great, and you can head to Heroes of Telara web site for a better quality of the video if you like.

Trion uses an interesting technological philosophy to run their MMO’s called “server-based dynamic online games”. This means that most functions are handled server side, and the client doesn’t have to do as much.

This also means that if there is a bored GM on the server, he could have something happen at any time without having to wait for a patch. Another benefit means fewer patches for the end user (although content will still be delivered via patch on occasion).


In HoT there are four classes, but as a player you’ll need only one character.

This is one of the features that makes HoT unique. Players won’t need to have a dozen characters, or logout just to get to a different class. You can run around with friends, and if they suddenly need a Cleric for a specific mission, you can change it on the fly.

All classes are swappable in game (in certain areas).

If you’re running around as a level 10 mage, and the group needs a warrior, hit a button and POOF!

Gear, weapons and abilities are now a warrior set. Keep in mind that each class levels up individually. You’ll be able to play as a Warrior, Mage, Cleric, or Rogue.


    Another AWESOME thing is there are sub-classes that can be added at any time to your class. For example, if you are a warrior and whatever you are fighting has an effective defense against melee attacks, drop to a sub-class that is more effective with ranged attacks.

    The last thing I want to hit on is the “Heroic Quests” system in the game.

    The server-based system allows for random, or time specific events to happen in the world. Say you are done in the city and want to run out and do a little leveling. Thats when you see a group of NPCs guarding the city getting attacked by something.

    You get a little closer to investigate, and a Heroic Quest starts automatically.

    If there are other players around that can step up and help, it is up to them. You could also walk away, but for the sake of this story, you go in and kill the baddies that are beating on the NPCs. Once he is dead you gain reputation with the guards you helped, and the quest is completed.

    Another thing that could happen in a dynamic world is you decide not to help, and the city could be completely destroyed.

    There is much more I could talk about, and probably will as soon as I can get my hands on this KILLER game.

    You can be a fan of Heroes of Telara on Facebook, or follow Trion on Twitter.

    One last note, this game gets my “Best of show, E3 2009” for being unexpected and innovative.



    1. Loving the look of this game! Can’t wait for more info about it!

    2. […] This post was Twitted by HeroesofTelara – Real-url.org […]

    3. Thanks for the great preview. Just for the benefit of anyone reading this, you can also follow Heroes of Telara on Twitter at (surprise) http://twitter.com/heroesoftelara

      Glad you liked the presentation, and we’re looking forward to hearing the podcast!

    4. Super look, and I’m looking forward to seeing the hot-swapable classes. When’s it releasing?

    5. we don’t have a release date yet, I am guessing late 2010 or early 2011 😀

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