New Fatal1ty Products Coming Soon!

While getting the chance to meet and talk with professional gamer Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel was really cool, getting to check out his latest products was even cooler. Flip over to the other side to learn more about what to expect from Fatal1ty and his brand partners.

With the approach of E3, Fatal1ty and brand partners announced two awesome new products: the Fatal1ty Professional Series Gaming Headset MKII from Creative and the ioXtreme from Fusion-io.

creative-hs1100First up was the headset. At first glance, it looks like your average headset. This, however, is far from ordinary. From the press release:

Unlike other gaming headsets, the Creative Fatal1ty Professional Series Gaming Headset MkII is equipped with Creative’s proprietary Silencer™ technology. Silencer technology utilizes two microphones in the headset – one on the boom mic and one on the ear cup.  The microphone on the ear cup captures and screens out background noise so voice through the boom mic can be heard with stunning clarity.

I actually got to try the headset on. The first thing I noticed was how amazingly comfortable it felt. The ear pieces are really soft, and they sit nicely on your head without sqeezing too tight or feeling too loose. The next thing I noticed was how well they block out noise. Conventions like E3 are anything but quiet. Yet with the headset on, I could barely hear TJ and Fatal1ty sitting next to me.

Since I could barely hear, I pulled the headset off and asked Fatal1ty to tell me more about it. “The cool thing about this is the Silencer technology.” There’s an algorithm built into the microphone that eliminates sound beyond your voice. This means that when you’re playing games, your friends aren’t going to hear babies crying, dogs barking, or any other sounds other mics tend to pick up. Plus the mic is removable. This is pretty cool! I didn’t get a date for when these will hit stores, but they will be priced at $99.99. Check the link at the bottom if you want to preorder them from Amazon. I know I’ll be picking up a set.

ioxtremeThe other product announced is the ioXtreme, a solid state storage device for high-performance PCs and workstations using 64 bit operating systems. To quote the press release:

Drawing from Fusion-io’s industry-leading solid-state technologies, the ioXtreme is a PCI Express card that sits on the system bus filling he performance gap between RAM and disk drives. It adds 80 GB of non-volatile capacity, exponentially accelerating input and output, including file access, and improving application performance dramatically.

In other words, it seriously increases the speed of your computer. Imagine booting Windows in a second or rendering high-end videos in minutes rather than hours. To help put this into perspective, we actually got to see this in action. The Fatal1ty booth had a video wall with 16 Samsung LCD screens with 100 DVDS loaded running on 16 Nvidia NVS 290 cards, 16 2.8ghz servers, 16 super microserver quad socket Xeon processors and one (that’s right, one) ioXtreme card. And it ran well.


The ioXtreme will be available to purchase this July with a price of $895. I gotta start saving my money. For more information on the ioXtreme or the gaming headset, check out

Fatal1ty Professional Series MKII Gaming Headset


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