Game Review: inFAMOUS

Infamous-coverSo everyone can get GTA games, Xbox peeps have their Crackdown, now the PS3 gets their own sandbox exclusive. Does it drowned out GTA or put Crackdown on the back shelf? Check the other side to find out.

Just for everyone’s general knowledge I, Josh, HATE GTA games. Crackdown was good but lacked game play when you hit a certain point in the game.

inFAMOUS is a great game, you start out with almost no power and slowly get the points to buy upgrades for what you have, and unlocking what you don’t have through missions. Unfortunately the missions that you get are VERY repetitive. I don’t mind the repetitive to much but it would have been nice to see something different in the game before the last boss fight.

The graphics of the game are very pretty, and I didn’t ever see any graphical glitches when I was playing.

You get to run around doing the missions and you get negative or positive karma depending on how you do it. So you get to play as a bad guy or a good guy, your choice. The side you choose will affect what powers you can get and also massively affect how you play the game. For instance I played through being good my first play through and I had to make sure I didn’t use grenades because if they hit a civilian then it would give me negative karma. Playing through as evil you can do what ever you want because you want the negative karma. My plan is play through the first time on medium being good, then play through hard being evil for the trophies.

The main story line is very good and I never saw the ending coming. Also the endings differ depending on what path you take, good or bad, so you need to play through it at least twice.

One thing that I really liked at first is the side missions. When you complete a side mission you “take back” a area of the city and the enemy’s can’t return to that area. I found out the down side to this is when you finish the game and can run around free in the city with no missions there are no enemy’s for you to hurt anymore. This really killed the end game for me, you will sometimes find one guy on a roof somewhere but it is very rare. I don’t know why a company would do this to a player in a sandbox game that you can run around in once you are finished.

All in all I have to say RENT IT or at least get with a bunch of friends and buy one to pass around so everyone can play it twice.

If you are gona get the game Grab inFAMOUS


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