Game Review: Terminator Salvation

TS_PS3_2DYes your first thought should be the same as mine.  “Oh no its a movie game.”  Well check the other side to see if this game gets taken down by the machines or if the resistance comes out on top.

Well I think the easy way to do this is just to go down my notes I took while playing.

First thing I noticed was there is co-op. I had no clue! You can play 2 player co-op split screen on the same system. The split is player one top and player two bottom. That is something I really like, a lot of split games are going side to side because of wide screen TVs and I really don’t like the side to side.

Since I had no one to play with at that time I jumped into the game on hard all by myself.

The cinematics look good for a movie game and are mixed. Some times it is a full pre-rendered cinematic, and some times it is a in engine cinematic. The pre-rendered cinematics are skip able so if you are getting killed and have to reload a level you can skip them and get right back to the action. The in engine ones how ever are not skip able and if you end up dieing around one of those you might go crazy.

At first I was very worried. The first level is like normal, as you run around you are getting a tutorial. But it was boarder line MGS type where I run a bit then cut scene, run kill something, cut scene, run, cut scene. But that only last through the first level and when you get past it you do more normal run and kill stuff in the level with out a billion cut scenes.

The game is a third person shooter but when you zoom in to shoot it is first person. I don’t think you can shoot on the run, I never tried, I was keeping to cover so I wouldn’t get shredded to fast. The cover system works very well and I like the way that they made the quick moves to other cover.

One issue I had was that because you are in a war there are things blowing up all around you and when something goes BOOM the whole screen shakes. Normally that would be ok, but when the world shakes your hud doesn’t, so it makes aiming near impossible.


The really interesting thing about this game is that there is nothing to side track you. There are only 12 trophies for the PS3 (including the platinum) and 11 Achievements for the 360. One for beating each level and on for beating the game on medium and one for hard. So you don’t have to worry about running around gathering anything up or killing a certain amount of a specific machine.

The story is good for a movie game and for a Terminator story. It takes place before Terminator Salvation and the whole thing is about getting to a distress call from deep in machine territory to get 3 men out. But it isn’t very in depth as far as creativity so don’t expect to much.


I only ran into a couple glitches that were problematic. When you are in a fight killing the last machine will start the next one. If you run to far forward you can get a “you are leaving the battle” message, and if you stay out to long then you “die” and have to start back at your last check point. Problems I ran into were I would kill a machine and nothing else would come forward so I would move on. But the game didn’t know I was done so I would run forward into a “you are leaving the battle” zone. In the end I would have to end up dieing or restart from last checkpoint to be able to move on.

On to co-op!

I can only think of one way to start this and that is OMGWTFBBQ RUN AWAY!

Ok it’s not THAT bad but it is bad. It is nice to have another player to pull the machines off you because the AI can’t do it for S#$%. When you die in co-op mode you go to a bleed out stage that you really never bleed out from. You can sit there forever and wait for the other player to finish everything and then come revive you. But when you get revived (at least every time I tried to revive Ali) you get thrown into a “you are leaving the battle” zone even though you are standing right next to the other player. I am not sure if it was just a glitch that hatted Ali and I or something really wrong with the game. Also it could have been something that was built into hard mode so it is not a cake walk.

The final thoughts on this one is RENT IT if you want to see the storyline and some trophies.
Otherwise DODGE IT stay far far away and play a real game.

And if you just wana pick this one up here is a link for it

Terminator Salvation


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