Game Review: Battlefield 1943 (PSN,XBL)

BF1943-Wallpaper-2-1024x768Another Battlefield is out, this time as a download on the PSN and XBL. The price is pretty inexpensive but is it even worth that? Find out on the other side…


Battlefield, many friendships have been made and torn apart over the years in Battlefield. We go back again to the pacific and WWII for some online warfare.

I played this at E3 and learned about the price after I had played it and was even more excited.  When I returned, the general concern from everyone that I talked to was  that the price was an indicator of the quality.  Offered as a digital download on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, this title is perhaps one of the best titles offered on either service for the price.

You play the classic conquest mode and have three classes to choose from; Infantryman, Rifleman, and Scout. Each of these classes offer a slightly different experience and anybody should be able to find a class that suits their play style.  I really wont go into detail about them as I think they are pretty self explanatory.

Vehicles are present as always and there are four; 

Landing Craft –  Primarily get you from a carrier to the beach but I have seen some good uses for these. They have two machine guns. Capacity of up to six passengers.

Fighter Planes – Each team gets two and the potential of a third with the capture of a base. Bombs and gun are it’s weapons. Capacity of only one person.

Tanks – These are exactly what you expect, big and slow but powerful in the right hands. Two people can be in each tank. One drives and fires the tank rounds, while the other fires the coaxial gun.

Jeeps– Fast and agile, can accommodate 3 players. One driver, one gunner and the third person sits and uses their own weapons.

There is also the ability to call in an air raid. Players take control of the planes and then drop bombs on the target. The planes can be shot down by AA Guns and other fighter planes.

The game experience is smooth and even though there is a limited number of maps (3 classic maps and 1 dogfight only map) there is plenty of game in this title and I seem to learn and experience something new each time I play it.  Any issues that I have had have been with other players and nothing to do with the game itself. This title is a BUY IT title, the gameplay is excellent and the price cannot be beat.

Brian Ellis is a co-founder and senior editor of Bag of Mad Bastards and co-host of Drunken Monkey Tech podcast found here. He can be reached at if you have questions/comments.


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