PS3 Trophy List: Batman: Arkham Asylum

batmanboxKinda weird that the game only has one Gold Trophy, but hey… who am I to judge the Dark Knight?

Then again, if we received information that is a little off, let us know. We’ll update it.

Complete Trophy list inside.

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Video Game Releases For 9-01-09

Instead of giving you an endless stream of shovelware being released on any given week, we’re going to pare down the list a little.

Inside you’ll find a listing of all NOTABLE video game releases this week.

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PS3 Trophy List: Star Wars – The Force Unleashed

Yep… Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been patched for Trophy support.

It’s not a bad game, in fact, it’s kinda fun… but if you’re a Trophy Hunter, you should dust off your copy or pick the game up NOW.

It’s LOADED with virtual bling.

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Game Review: Wolfenstein (PS3/XBox360)

Wolfenstein BoxI remember the first time I loaded ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ onto my 386 and started playing.

‘It’s in 3D! It’s like I’m actually there!’

It certainly wasn’t ‘Escape From Castle Wolfenstein’ on my Commodore 64.

The series has been around for a lot of hardware changes, and has created a few genre evolutions along the way.

Get the full review of the latest installment inside.

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Exo-Flex Skin Review

Skins for video game systems and other electronics have been around for a while. The downside to the skins is they fade, peel, and leave glue on your system if you take them off. How do the Exo-Flex skins do?

Check the other side to find out.

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Game Review: Madden NFL 10 (PS3/XBox360)

maddenboxA lot has been said lately about the Madden franchise stagnating, and even more has been said about EA’s new committment to breathing fresh air into the series.

I got my hands on the latest installment, played a bunch, and now… I’ll give you my impressions.

Full review, after the break.

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PS3 Trophy List: G-Force

gforceboxWhoa! There’s a LOT of hidden Trophies in this one.

Josh and Ali have been playing the game for review/Trophy tips, so I thought it would be appropriate to make sure we had a list for you.

You’ll find it inside.

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