Exo-Flex Skin Review

Skins for video game systems and other electronics have been around for a while. The downside to the skins is they fade, peel, and leave glue on your system if you take them off. How do the Exo-Flex skins do?

Check the other side to find out.

First off, Exo-Flex has tons of designs to choose from (with more being added every week) and can make custom skins.

The type of devices you can get skins for is massive.  Check their web site to see if they have a skin for your particular device, but I am pretty sure that they have it.


For the rest I will use a list format, cause lists are fun.


I never noticed any fading, and they are also carry a ‘no fade’ guarantee.


Once I put on the skin I didn’t have to reapply a corner or push a corner down after a week or two. Once it is on, it STAYS on.


Lets face it, air will get under the skin as you put it on, but with the Exo-Flex you don’t have to use a special squeegee or anything. You can work the bubbles out easily and the skin won’t bubble up after it is on. Matt also noticed that after a day or two, the skins ‘settle’ into place, clinging tighter than immediately after application. In the case of the one he used on his laptop, it forced any remaining bubbles out by itself.


These things don’t leave any residue at all. I pulled the one off my iPod Touch after a couple weeks and there was nothing left behind.


The skins can’t take the place of a leather case, but I have not been worried about little scratches from putting my iPod down on the porch since I put the skin on.


All in all if you are a person that likes skins or just wants to put some design on your gear, Exo-Flex are the way to go. I will be getting Exo-Flex skins for the items I have and can’t wait to see them.

Make sure you check out Exo-Flex.com and find something you want.


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