Game Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS3/XBox360)


Only having played a small amount of Marvel Ultimate Alliance I didn’t go into this game with many expectations.  Did Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 surprise me?  Check the other side for my take.

Because I played a small amount of the first game I had some idea on what the game was going to look like and how it was going to play.

The game style is the same as the first one, angled overhead view with your four characters to swap between.  The game looks like it got a graphical overhaul, and the cut scenes look like cuts scenes.

While it’s a lot prettier than the previous game, many of the annoyances seem to have been removed. The camera appears to work better, I didn’t notice any framerate problems, and the game didn’t lock up on me once.

The storyline is based off the Civil War comics, so if you have read those you have some idea whats going on. If not, I will not be providing any spoilers,  because the story is one of the best super hero soap operas in years.  It should be noted that to get the full story, you will have to play through the game at least twice.

As far as difficulty goes, I suggest playing through the first time on normal.  It isn’t too hard,  and not too easy, giving you just enough challenge to enjoy it. Once you are done with your first play through, the game will try to make you play on Legendary.  Legendary is VERY hard, so make sure you are ready for a beat down.

The major selling point to me on this game is co-op.  You can have up to 4 players locally or online, and is identical to the single player experience.

Overall if you are in any way a comic person, you need to pick this game up.
If you are into co-op, you need to pick this game up.
If you like a great story, you need to pick this game up.

I guess I am saying BUY IT.

Buy Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS3)
Buy Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (XBox360)


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