Game Review: Katamari Forever

katamari_foreverA new installment to the Katamari series has arrived. Does it hold up to the other ones or does it surpass it? Check the other side to find out.

As soon as I heard about this one I couldn’t wait till it hit. So I was at the store when it opened ready to get it when the day hit.

In this Katamari game the king has gone into a coma and somehow taken out all the cosmos with him.  So the Prince and all the cousins decide to make a Roboking to take his place and fix the cosmos.

This installment of the Katamari series is like the other ones, you roll the Katamari around to pick stuff up and make a star, planet, moon, sun, or even a big bang.  There are a few things added.

  • Hearts: There are two different hearts in the levels now, one of them pulls everything around you that you can pick up to you instantly.  The other heart does the same thing, but last longer.
  • Jump move: this is the other thing they added, you can use it by shaking the controller or by hitting R2.

So going through the game you start by swapping between doing levels for the Roboking to rebuild the cosmos and doing levels for the King to try and wake him up.

tb-kataforremFirst play through is the Forever levels, after you complete those you unlock the Drive levels.  In the drive levels you have the same objectives as the Forever levels but you move very very fast.  If during the Forever or Drive levels you get a spacific score you unlock Eternal mode.  In eternal mode you have no objectives you just get to roll till you are done, this mode is great for looking for cousins and presents.  The final mode you unlock is Original mode, this mode the hearts and the jump move are removed from the level.

For all the Katamari fans out there this is a must have, BUY IT!
For anyone that has not played a Katamari game I would say rent this first to see if you like it.
Pick up Katamari Forever


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