Game Review: Godfather II

GFIIThis is one of those games that has been sitting on a shelf waiting to be played for a while and we finally got to it.  What is the scoop on Godfather II? Check the other side for the review.

Well one thing to think about with this game is that it took someone this long to finally pull it off the game rack and give it a go.  In all honesty we had a stack of games that needed to be played and we just started handing them out to whoever didn’t have something to do.

So when I snagged Godfather II from the stack I was actually looking forward to it.  I had heard that it is a sandbox style game and thinking of it from the perspective of a mobster seemed like it would be fun.

Well First thing I noticed is that the graphics are not the best thing on a console.  They look dated and like they should be on a PS2 or Xbox.  Then came the opening cinematic, during which I fell asleep.  No really, I totally crashed.  So as far as that goes, the game is boring.  Really really boring.  And to make it worse you can’t skip any of the cinematic that are all very long and dull.  I can understand long cinematic in Metal Gear games, but watching two guys have a mono-tone conversation was painful.

Another thing that pops up a lot is the characters in the game talking over each other.  I could not count the number of times I walked into a building cause I have to talk to the owner or something for money and the bar tender decided to start a random conversation with me.  In the mean time I have made it to the person I need to talk to for the mission and he starts talking, but the game doesn’t turn the volume down on the bar tender, so they are both at full volume jabbering away and I have no idea whats going on.

One good thing I can say is that after about two hours the game gets a little better.  The reason for this is that the cinematic are shorter so you are less likely to fall asleep.

Back on to my soap box.  This game requires a massive amount of micro management.  so much in fact that I don’t think I will get past where I am because I want to run around and do stuff, not sit in a menu and hire guards for my fronts so the other mobs don’t take it over.  So all my fronts are taken back by the other mobs and I have to go get it back.  Once I get that one back they have taken another place.  You can see the pattern forming.  If you like micro managing games you might like his aspect of the game.

And as if I wasn’t ranting enough on to my major problem with this game.

You play as a Don, right from the beginning.  Now in my mind there should be low level enforcers that use guns and are willing to do the hard work. Then you have your mid level guys that make sure the low levels don’t do something stupid.  Then you have the Don who shouldn’t ever have to do anything, and if he does I imagine that he would be a up close and personal guy that beats people to a pulp rather than shoot them.

You can not finish this game using only hand to hand combat, you will have to pull out a weapon at some point and shoot people.  As far as I think this really messed up the game for me since I was playing as the Don.  I think it would have been much better if I would have started out at the bottom and worked my way up.

Over all I personally must give this a very strong DODGE IT!

Unless you like cheap trophies and achievements then RENT IT!
(apparently this is a very easy 1000 GP or Platinum trophy.)


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