Game Review: Forza Motorsport 3 (XBox 360)

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  1. YOU SUCK!!!! Forza 3 is the best game ever!!!! OK I’ve never even played it but thought I would get in the first dig. Seems like a fairly unbiased review to me.. Load times like that when I have that kind of content on the HD would piss me off too. Thats the supposed reason you offload content to begin with! Keep up the good work Matt!

  2. Great review.. Good info to know regarding when a developer misses the mark on things like load times or how much disc the install will require etc. I can feel the angst of the dev team as I read this..With so much hard work / effort / time spent on other things, it really hurts when you read about basic functionality fails like this. I’m speaking from personal experience on this one.

    Seems like it’s still worth a shot if you are interested in a more ‘true sim’ experience vs. Shift. Although I still don’t think Shift is too arcad-sh. 🙂 I’m not one to care much about the accuracy of car physics when compared to reality. I’m playing a video game and want to have fun and forget about the economic recession. Sometimes ignorance is a blissful state!


    Any thoughts on the customization capabilities found in Forza 3?

    Keep up the good work guys!

    • I do really feel bad for the folks at Turn 10. The people I’ve spoken with are some of the nicest in the industry, and seem to genuinely have a passion for racing and cars.

      I’m sure I’ve hurt some of their feelings, and that truly sucks. Not my intention. What integrity could I claim if I sugar-coated a problem, just because I like the team and know they had the best of intentions? I wouldn’t be doing anybody any favors.

      It is a basic function of the game, and I think a lot of it could have been mitigated by full disclosure on the packaging (marketing problem) and making sure the feature set wasn’t writing checks the harddrive couldn’t cash.

      And I agree… Shift isn’t too arcadish. It’s nowhere close to Burnout Paradise in that respect (which is my favorite ARCADE racer).

      I play Burnout with a gamepad, and Shift with a wheel and dedicated racing seat. That should tell you where I place each of those games. 😉

      The customization options in Forza 3 are still the layered vinyl sets, and while there are a lot of great artists dropping stuff in the Auction House, I’ve never had the patience to make any liveries myself. The aesthetic customization, and tuned parts are… well… pretty much the same as Forza 2. Maybe a slightly larger selection.

      As far as tuning the car itself, there are the standard sets of tweakables, like air pressure, camber, and gear ratios.

      An interesting tidbit I didn’t mention in the review is the ‘Quick Upgrade’ option before you enter a race. It will outfit your car with the best upgrades you can afford and/or the best set of upgrades that you can have installed and still maintain a legal class for the event.

      It’s a time saver, but I wish it would tell you WHAT upgrades it was using, and give you the option to alter it’s choices from the same screen.

      Sometimes you’re willing to sacrifice some speed in your car to get it to behave in the corners, and it seems like the Quick Upgrade tries to focus on Acceleration, then Top Speed, then starts filling in any room left in the Class cap with handling options.

      Works most of the time, and I hope to see it in the next game, just with a few tweaks.

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  4. im a novice 2 new consoles and recently went looking for a cheap xbox 360 package wiv forza motorsport 3 and james bond. i didnt realise the arcade version had no built in hard drive till i had it out of its box and tried settin up the instalation disc and found i hav sod all memory not even 1gb and was not told this by theperson either who sold it me. it was 149.95 from game they nocked just 20 off it cause they had no james bond in the way of adding a 2 year warranty 2 it 4 nearly same price 154.95. if i had of know this id of got the elite version. Am i entitled to swap it within 28 days like it says 28days refund or replace on receipt for an elite n pay the xtra 50 quid or will they refuse to swap it because ive played on it once ??? any other way round it like a memory card thatz in GB?has to be cheap what size is the hdd in the elite? help much appriciated thanx merry christmas 2 all

  5. I like the need for speed type games. I have played forza 2 and I didn’t like it at all. I think the Need for Speed games are better.

  6. hi-ya, I read all your posts, keep them coming.

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