Game Review: MAG

Since this game was hinted at two years ago at E3 I have been sitting around waiting for it.  Got to play it at E3 2009, and then at PAX 2009, then even more in the closed beta through the open beta.  So with out a doubt I went out and picked this up on launch day.  Now our normal review process is to finish a game before writing the review.   In the case of MAG it will take forever to finish so at this point in time I have clocked in 14 hours 6 minuets and 00 seconds.  I have reached level 26 out of 60 so I am almost half way through one faction of the game.

If you haven’t heard of this game then here is a run down.  MAG (Massive Action Game) is a FPS online only game.  There are three PMCs that I like to call factions, Valor, Raven, and S.E.V.R.    The total number of players is 256 at one time depending on what game type you are playing.

First thin you do in this game is make your character.  You have to choose one of the factions and that is all you get, one character of that faction.  I know that is kinda unappealing because there is a trophy for getting level 60 in each faction,  don’t get to upset yet, I will go over what happens at 60 a little later.mag2

Once you choose your faction you have a menu system.

  • Barracks
  • Deploy
  • Armory
  • Community
  • Extras
  • Options

Now to go over them one at a time.

Barracks: In the barracks there is another menu system.

  • Under the Rank section you can see what your rank, level, and Experience to your next level
  • In the Skills section you can see how many skill points you have to spend and what to spend them on.  There is a skill tree system like Diablo or WoW where you can trick out the different types.
  • When you look at the leadership tab you can see what you are qualified for and what affect you have on the other players if you are in that role.
  • Awards sections is just that, you go here to see what ribbons and medals you have won.
  • The stats page is very extensive, from enemies killed to how many gates you have repaired, if you wonder how many times you have done something this is where you check.

Deploy: This is where you go to play the game.

  • Training: Self explanatory, go here to learn how the game works.
  • Suppression: 64 player team deathmatch style game where you fight your own faction.
  • Sabotage: 64 player team objective type game against a different faction.  In this game there is a attacker and a defender, there are three objectives that you have to hold / defend to win the game.  The third objective does not unlock till the first two are held at the same time.
  • Acquisition: 128 player capture the flag type game against different faction.  This one is simple, one faction needs to infiltrate and steal two vehicles to win, the other trys to hold them off.
  • Domination: 256 Player team objective type game against different faction.  This is much more complicated game type but very fun.  The attacking faction needs to take out eight towers, once the towers are taken out it unlocks the main objectives.  When he main objectives are under the attackers control they do damage, when the damage meter is full it is game over.
  • Directives: If you choose this one you get put into one of the other game types that needs you the most.  So basically random game type.

Armory: In here you can set up your loadout, you can have at least 6 weapon loadouts so you can set up for different game types.

Community: This is where you can see if your friends are playing, level, and skills they are using.

Extras: Here is where you can watch the credits and concept art.

Options: Guess whats in here.

One big thing I suggest is that you get a clan with all your friends going as soon as you can.  You must be level 4 to start a clan, but once you are all grouped up (max 8 in group) when the leader heads into a game the group stats in the same squad.  This means you get to do stuff with people you know instead of running around with a bunch of random people.

As far as the graphics go it is not the best graphics in the world, but they are great for a 256 player game.  The controls work well and are easy to get used to if you are a FPS player already.

In the case of characters you only get one so find out what your friends are playing so that you can all join the same clan. Now for what happens at level 60. When you hit the level cap you get whats called veterans status. Veterans status allows you to restart your character at level one on any faction, you get to keep all your life time stats, and you get a permanent 10% experience boost. So hitting level 60 is not the end of the game.MAG

While playing he game all I keep hearing is that this game has replaced Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  I have to put that in because i never played the multiplayer in COD: MW2 so i will take it from all of them people playing.

My take in the end is if you like FPS multiplayer games you need to BUY IT!

if you don’t have a ton of time it might not be the best game for you give it a rent and see if it will suck you in.


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