Trophy List: Bioshock 2


Bought a SlotBought one plasmid or tonic slot at a gatherer’s garden.

Max Plasmid SlotsFully upgraded to the maximun number of plasmid slots.

Upgraded a WeaponUpgraded a weapon at a power to the people station.

Fully Upgraded a WeaponInstalled the third upgrade to a weapon.

All Weapons UpgradesFound every power to the people weapon upgrade in the game.

Prolifac HackerHacked one of each kind of machine.

Master HackerHacked 30 machines at a distance with the hack tool.

First ResearchResearched a splicer with the research camera.

One Research TrackMaxed out one research track.

Research MasterCompleted all research on every subject in rapture.

Fully Upgraded a PlasmidFully upgraded one plasmid to the level 3 version.

All PlasmidsFound or purhased all 11 basic plasmid types.

Trap MasterKilled 30 enemies using only traps.

Master ProtectorGot through a gather with no damage and no one getting to the little sister.

Big SpenderSpent 2000 dollars at vending machines.

Welcome to RaptureCompleted your first non-private match.

Unnatural SelectionScored your first kill in a nonpriavate match.

Disgusting FrankensteinBecome a Big Daddy for the first time in a non-private match.

‘Mr. Bubbles – No!’Took down yuor first Big Daddy in a non-private match.

Against All OddsFinished the game on the hardest difficulty level.

Two-Bit HeroicsComplete your first trial in a non-private match.

Mother GooseSaved you first Little Sister in a non-priavate match.

ParasiteAchieved rank 10.

Little MothAchieved rank 20.

Skin JobAchieved rank 30.

Man About TownPlayed at least one non-priavte match on each multiplayer map.


Grand DaddyDefeated 3 Big Daddyies without dying during the firght.

Master GathererGathered 600 ADAM with little sisters.

Dealt With Every Little SisterDealt with every little sister.

Big Brass BallsFinished the game without using Vita-Chambers.

Rapture HistorianFound 100 audio diaries.

Proving GroundsWon your first non-priavte match.


Choose the ImpossibleAchieve rank 40.


Platinum TrophyUnlocked all trophies.

There are also 17 hidden trophies, I will try to get them up when I find out what they are.


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