Game Review: Bioshock 2


The people over at 2K have put out a sequel to the amazing game Bioshock.  Well This installment of the Bioshock series starts out before the first game but quickly moves to the time after the first game.

You awaken in Rapture, a city in the deep ocean set up for scientific and religious freedom from all governments.  As far as the story goes that is all I will go into because like the first one there are twists and turns all over.

bioshock2multi-thumb-640xauto-5970The graphics didn’t do anything better than the first one, but the first one was great already.  There is a setting in the options to lock your frame rate, but this could degrade some quality.  Even though the graphics don’t look any better than the first, they are still amazing and it was nice to see them stick with something that did not need fixing.

The controls are just like the first one and are easy to get used to if you haven’t played the first one.

bioshock22The single player has some replay because there are two different endings.  2K also added a multiplayer to this one.  Getting the plasmids and the tonics seemed much easier in this game but spend your ADAM wisely because you wont get enough to buy everything.

The multiplayer is very fast paced and twitchy, after playing a game I put in unreal III and it felt slow in comparison.  The multiplayer is level based and he higher you get the more access to stuff you get. Unfortunately it is  possible you can end up in a game with someone that is maxed out in level and will just crush you.BS2

I know this is a short review but all in all if you liked the first one you will like this one for the story alone.

If you didn’t grab the first one you need to do that and get number two.


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