Game Review: God of War III (PS3)

gowcoverThe end arrives in the final installment of the God of War franchise as we know it.

This is the title that many people have been waiting for,  and perhaps their initial reason to buy a Playstation 3. 

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio decided to end this tale with a bang and held absolutely nothing back. Everything is done on a much larger scale and is the most visually stunning action game to date. The amount of things going on at one time and still maintaining a constant 60fps is staggering.

When my collectors edition of GOW III arrived, I had a few hours remaining on GOW II and it was very difficult for me to stay focused on it while the box glared at me from across the room. I was happy that I resisted the temptation and finished it before taking it on as the beginning starts off exactly where the previous title left off.

In the span of a few days, I burned through Chains of Olympus and God of War I & 2 in order to get the full experience. While it isn’t necessary, I would recommend playing these before playing GOWIII,  if you haven’t already.

I was pleased that the Chains of Olympus storyline was referenced a lot and not ignored. Cutscenes with Helios, Atlas, and Hades wouldn’t make as much sense if you hadn’t played it. All the core gameplay controls and elements are the same as we have come to know and love. Santa Monica Studios simply polished them without making any major changes.

One simple change that was implemented is the action sequences, instead of being in the middle of the screen, they now show up on the borders on the screen in relation to the face buttons on the controller. The triangle button appears at the top, square button appears on the left… you get the picture. This allows you to enjoy the visuals a lot more, and the button prompts are less of a distraction during gameplay.

Magic was tweaked a bit this time around. Instead of having access to all magic regardless of which weapon you have armed, it is tied directly to the weapon itself.

Speaking of weapons, this was the first time that I actually have had a difficult time deciding which weapon I liked better. The previous games, I always seem to stick with the blades and rarely switched. Each weapon has it’s use, but during the free-for-all areas, each weapon was just as effective and more importantly fun to use.GOWIII

Weapon chaining combos that switch between the weapons was another excellent addition. The puzzles in the game are back to being a bit more challenging as they were in the first one. I really felt that the puzzles in the second game were a bit too easy in comparison to the original.

The soundtrack, as always, is top notch and didn’t get old. The sound in general is excellent and should be cranked while playing, the swoosh of the chains around you on a good home theater is fantastic.

There is very little wrong with this game, my only real gripe is that there were a few moments in the game that were drawn out a bit long. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, the entire franchise would have to be in my top 5 series of all time.

This should be in your library of PS3 games, many have tried but no other action title comes close it.

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