Product Review: Apple iPad

The 60 days following it’s official announcement have passed, and the wait is over.ipad

Consumers can finally get their hands on the iPad in stores and see for themselves whether or not it is all that it has been hyped up to be.

Let’s start with the specs:

Half an inch thin
Weighs 1.5 pounds
9.7-inch IPS display (1024×768)
1 GHz A4 chip
16, 32,or 64 Gigabytes of storage
Wi-Fi 802.11n

“Is it really just an overgrown iPod Touch?”

Fundamentally, it is. But you will use it in a very different way.

Besides, is that such a bad thing?

Having a lot more screen and speed to work with will allow many applications to be more useful on a day to day basis, instead of  just being nice to have in a pinch. The smaller screens on iPods and iPhones made some applications feel awkward and almost unusable, except when in dire need.

Speaking of applications, the default ones installed are: Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Videos, YouTube, App Store,  iTunes,  Safari, Mail, Photos, iPod, and Notes.

You will notice that the two missing are from iPod and iPhone are Clock and Calculator.

Most likely this is because there are so many different clocks and calendars in the App Store. They seem to be the new “Hello World” program for new developers.

As with all the Apple touch devices, there are very few actual buttons. There are Home, power, volume up/down, and orientation lock buttons.

The iPad is a lot more sensitive than the other touch devices, which makes the orientation lock a very nice addition.

Reading for extended amounts of time is very easy on the eyes and with the different zoom levels, as well as the accessibility options, there is plenty of room for adjustment for everyone.

When in landscape mode, the keyboard is large enough for me type easily, accurately and at a pretty good speed.

Portrait mode is a different story. I would chalk that up to getting used to the size more than anything. Either way the keyboard response is excellent once you find what is most comfortable for you.

Wireless range seems to be a bit shorter, and I suspect that it has something to do with the all-aluminum back.

Speed while browsing and streaming media is quick and I have experienced no lockups or degradation of performance.

Netflix on the iPad is perhaps my favorite app, and it runs like a champ.

Battery life is pretty close to advertised; I have only charged it twice in the week since I’ve purchased it, and I have used it a lot.

Most people have been turned off by the fact that it was not running a version of OSX of some sort, and running the iPhone OS instead. This leaves the ability to install standard applications, multi-tasking, expansion, and media card slots out of the picture.

At least in the traditional sense.

The App Store has some sort of application for whatever you need in some form or another. By keeping expansion out of the picture, software developers do not need to worry about as many variables, only whether a user has a 3G model or not, and can work on making more refined applications (in theory).

Multitasking is being addressed this fall with OS 4.0. As far as the lack of media card slots? This is a pain point with me, but I have come to expect it and it’s not a big issue. If Apple thought they could get away with not having them in their MacBooks, they probably would.  EDITOR’S NOTE: Current baseline MacBooks do not include a media card slot. So apparently the author is correct. No hate mail, please.

Instead, you can buy a camera connectivity kit which will allow you to transfer pictures and video only to the iPad.

While the iPad will never completely replace your laptop, it definitely has a place and has proven quite useful to me.

If your not sold on it or you just want a full featured OS, there are other options on their way.

I was lucky enough to have a friend who let me borrow his the first week he had it (thanks Stig!) for a day and i knew that i wanted one.

I am really enjoying mine and would recommend it. Your best bet would be to find one and play with it a while and see if you can find a place for it in your lifestyle.

Apple iPad – 16GB
Apple iPad – 32GB
Apple iPad – 64GB



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