PS3 Trophy List: Hyperballoid HD


This next-gen brick-breaker game is now available on the PSN. With 1 gold, 4 silver, and 5 bronze, this is a quick and easy set of trophies.


Bronze Trophies

Ball Frenzy
Get 9 balls at the same time on screen

Blind Balls
30 shots in a row without hitting a brick

The Wall
50,000 reflected balls

Cannon Sniper
Twenty cannon shots hit the target

The Jongleur
Control three or more balls for at least one minute without letting them fall


Silver Trophies

Ancient Conqueror
Complete Ancient World Campaign

Planets Ruler
Complete Planets World Campaign

Crystal Hunter
Collect 200 Gems

Lust For Life
Collect three or more lives at one level


Gold Trophy

The Collector
Collect all other trophies


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