Product Review: Hyperkin 3-Port USB Hub For PS3

hub1Normally I wouldn’t get too excited about a USB hub, but the Hyperkin USB Hub for PS3, has some things going for it.

On the surface, the device is a standard USB hub, expanding the standard two ports available on current PS3 models to four.

For those of you that don’t have a launch system that came loaded with four ports, and especially fans of Rock Band or Guitar Hero, this is probably enough to make the hub a worthwhile buy.

Add to that a memory card reader that supports SD, SDHC, MMC and Memory Stick (without an adapter), and you can see the allure.

Essentially, if you have a two-port, no memory card slot PS3, Hyperkin is giving you the option to expand your machine to ‘launch system’ specifications.

Having two PS3’s in the house, a 60GB and a 40GB, I’m really happy with the added functionality added to my ‘post-launch’ machine.

What I’ve mentioned so far would be enough to give my recommendation, but Hyperkin was also kind enough to keep aesthetics in mind as well.

The hub neatly fits the form factor of a PS3, and made from similar material as the console, it looks as if it belongs there.

It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

I’ve also tested the device with a MacBook, a Windows PC, an XBox360, and Wii. I’m pleased to report that all machines accepted the device without issue.

About the only thing bad I could say about the hub is the form factor is TOO specialized for PS3. While it will work with any the computers and consoles I listed above, because of the positioning of the USB port on a Wii, and the depth of the ports on an XBox360, it will not fit directly onto those consoles.

Luckily the manufacturer included a six foot extension cable, giving you ample room to use the hub with any device you’d like.

It just looks REALLY good on a PS3.hub2

While it’s not a powered hub, it’s still a great option, and fills a need for gamers that have a newer Playstation, and it does all of it at an affordable price.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, and I intend to leave it ‘permanently’ attached to my 40GB PS3.

I can’t think of a more fitting way to recommend a product.

Buy PS3 3-Port USB Hub


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