Sl@p Compilation CD ‘Method To Our Madness Vol. 1’ is now available!

We heard you, alright?

We’ve taken down a lot of our old episodes, to save server space and bandwidth cost.

 We’re making the old shows available again, but to offset the cost of the additional tech, we’re asking for a donation.

It’s not much, and compared to the volume of material you’re getting… well… it’s a steal.

This CD includes episodes 1-25 (26 total shows, #3 is a two-part episode) and runs nearly 22.5 hours.

These episodes haven’t been available for YEARS.

I’m not exaggerating.

Shows Included:

Remakes and Sequels
Piracy, Digital Rights Management, and Kinkajous
!@#$!@# Language Never Hurt Anyone! (Parts 1 & 2)
Don’t Drink The Apple Kool-Aid!
Senator Stevens Can Cram It!
9/11 Is No Joke
Playstation 3 vs. The World
You Don’t Know Jack (Thompson)!
B!tch Sl@p The Vote!
Send In The Clones!
Two Tribes Go To War!
Join A Cult!
Listener Feedback!
This Episode Is Gay!
Second Hand_ All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!
Athletic Supporters!
Psychic Predicts Playstation Launch!
Sacrificing Virgins And Skydiving Monkeys!
Legalize Stupidity!
This Episode Is Just… Wrong
McRacism, Murderous Cops, and German Porn
A Very B!tch Sl@p Christmas
The Year In Review… And Luke Smith Is A Punk
Second Hand Science!

Available as a digital download (iso format, 700MB disk required) for a donation of $5 or more.
Physical copies will be available soon for a donation of $10 (plus shipping) or more.

Use the DONATE button below, and tell us you’re ordering the digital download, and leave a valid email address. We’ll send you a link for your download within 24 hours.

Order before June 19, 2010 and recieve an additional UNRELEASED LOST EPISODE! (Available 6-20-10)

Questions or assistance? Email:


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  1. That’s a huge pile up of Acupuncture related informations. Thanks for sharing it.

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