E3 Video: Gears Of War 3 Trailer

This one is just another stone in the pond as far as I am concerned, but here is the trailer anyway.


E3 Video: Halo Reach Trailer

I am a Halo junkie so I can’t wait for this one, if you are a halo nut check out the trailer here.

E3 Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns Trailer

Donkey Kong makes his way onto the Wii with old school style gameplay. Check out the trailer for Donkey Kong Country Returns!

E3 Video: Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Check out the trailer for the next Zelda game!

E3 Video: Heroes on the Move Trailer

Check out the trailer for Heroes on the Move (working title) coming next year!

E3 Video: Sorcery Gameplay Footage

Check out the gameplay footage for Sorcery from the E3 Sony Press Conference! It looks like so much fun!

E3 Video: Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Trailer

I gotta say, this new Spiderman game looks rather awesome. Check out the trailer!