Game Review: East India Trading Company (PC)

EIC_Screen_04East India Company (with Designers Cut Free Add-On)
Set from 1600 and ranging in years up to 1750 you get to command the fleets of The East India Trading company. You start by choosing which Campaign you want to play: ‘The Grand Campaign’ lasts for 150 years 1600 – 1750, ‘Struggle for Dominance’ 1700 – 1750 you have 50 years to be the dominant of three companies controlling the resources of India, and the ‘Battle for Resources’ 50 years to control four more ports and import the required amount of trade items to satisfy the crown.

Each of these three campaigns end when you have completed the goals, gained control of all 12 ports, or forced all the other companies to resign. There is also a Free campaign 150 years 1600 – 1750 in which you win by forcing all other companies to resign, gain control of all twelve ports and hold them for ten years, or you reach the year 1750. You choose your difficulty normal, hard, or easy and your battle realism normal, simulation, or arcade and you are off and running

The Grand Campaign encompasses the entire 150 years where you will be responsible for the protection of ports you control, the attack and take over of ports you don’t, making political alliances with other companies, and the trading of goods between ports.
Because there is so much to think about I’ll start with the ports. As you accumulate wealth you can upgrade the garrison, trading post, shipyard, warehouse, and fort. Each upgrade offers a bonus such as the ability to build new kinds of ships or gaining you a discount on items purchased for trade, but there is an upkeep fee for these so don’t forget to go trade and build that wealth.
Fleets: The maximum number of fleets you can have is twenty and each can contain up to five ships. You can control your ships independently or to command your fleets as a whole. When you click on a fleet you have the option to tell them to head to home port, weigh anchor and stop immediately, set up patrol route, set up trade route and to change the behavior of the fleet. Behaviors you can choose include cautious, neutral, hostile, or aggressive.
When you encounter an opposing fleet you can choose to engage in battle opening a window that allows you to view the strength of the opposition number of ships etc… and allowing you the option to try to flee the battle (this does not always succeed and you only have one chance to accomplish fleeing) If you auto resolve the battle in the strategic mode you do not have the option to loot enemy ships when you win a battle. If you choose to engage in the battle in tactical mode you have the chance to loot the ships you defeat. As your fleet commanders win battles you attain level ups where you can add new skills to your commanders allowing you to shape the things that your fleets are best at, far range shots, longer range views, increased fear in your enemies, etc…you cannot remove these later so you must decide what type of commander you want for your fleet.

My first impressions: Tough game to get a handle on. I really like strategy games where you really have to think and pay attention to the way things happen each time you change your tactics. This game is tough in the respect that there are a lot of components to pay attention to. The tutorials in this game are important. You are not going to be able to just jump in and start playing this game and figure it out as you go. There are some standard things you control in the usual ways so the scheme doesn’t feel completely alien, like left clicking an incoming message to open it. There are other things that I really don’t think I would have figured out at all without the tutorial like the various ways in which you can direct your ships. I am afraid I still do not have a handle on the political tactics it takes to form alliances well without giving over everything in the effort. Even after going through the tutorials several times, I had to get out there and get myself wiped out a few times to start making any real progress.
There are two additional modes Battle Mode and Quick Battle. These are a lot of fun and are a really good way to get better at the battle situations you encounter in the campaigns. In Battle Mode you can play with no time limit or you can play with a limit in increments of five from five minutes to thirty minutes. These are fun if you are just trying to kill some time but don’t want to get so involved you make your self late for something. you win when all enemy ships are sunk, boarded, surrendered, or fled. If the time runs out before any win the person with the most ships left is the winner. In this mode you can select your ships, difficulty, realism, time of day, weather, time limit, and nations doing battle. In Quick Battle mode you play a randomly generated battle all you have to do is destroy the other ships to win. I find myself playing the shorter modes and campaigns because I’m very busy and they are easier for me to fit into my time frames, but the hard core strategist will love this game. I offers a great combination of the subtleties of politics and the brute force required to gain power, and the cunning be a good trader.

I would suggest the Collection including Pirate Bay, Privateer, and The Battle of Trafalgar.
The Pirate Bay Campaign is by far my favorite because I always wanted to be a pirate sailing the ocean and amassing wealth while inspiring fear in the rest of the sea faring. This campaign is a single fleet campaign in which you have twenty years to attack other companies and ports and amass as much wealth as possible. It offers all of the saeastindiaratingme battle features except your always flying the pirate flag. They have made this challenge so that you can upload your outcomes and shoot for the East India Companies top ten list on their site.
This also has a Battle mode (lacking only the ability to decide nations as you are of course a pirate) and a Quick Battle mode.
Privateer Game is a 20 year campaign 1630 to 1650 where you have the opportunity as a privateer to accept jobs from different companies and trade in your own right. you loose if your ships are all destroyed or you run out of money to buy any more trade items.
The Battle of Trafalgar during the war of the Third Coalition Emperor where you can be the British or the combined Spanish/French fleet in a battle recreation and see if history repeatsĀ itself or you can change the outcome of the battle. You can adjust the battle realism and you can choose your side but the rest is set in this campaign.
East India Trading Company is DRM free and we should support efforts like this.
You can get it now at East India Company Collection [Game Download]


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