Game Review: Pocket Empires Online (Android)

PE1Is There A Good Civ Building Game that’s FREE???

Name: Pocket Empires Online
Type: MMO – Timed Actions
Platform: Mobile – Android
Current Cost: Free

Having recently converted from carrying a Blackberry to using an Android phone on my daily commute, I needed to find a couple of distractions that could help fill the void left by Brick Breaker and several other tower defense style games.

One of the first I found in the Marketplace and tried was Pocket Empires. It was billed as a town building game and it was free… both factors I really like in a mobile game.

The initial game gives you enough resources to build your first castle and either a farm or a gold mine. Every time your castle is upgraded to the next level, you get another plot of land to convert into another mine or farm. The balance between how many mines vs. how many farms can get hairy as the game progresses, so know that if you want to destroy anything you already built, there is a way.

After you have built your castle and started your economy, it’s time to begin building your armies and tech tree. There are three PE2classes of warriors coming from your barracks, archery range and stables, plus another three siege weapons for storming other player’s castles during PvP.

You are able to spy, raid, or conquer the creatures all around the playing field. All in all, you have tons of options for creatures to attack, mix & match your troops with creatures you have captured during successful conquer campaigns.

Truly this game keeps getting better with time; the more Reputation you get as Lord of your Kingdom, the more cities you are allowed to control!

I consider it a fun distraction and would suggest giving it a shot.

After all, it’s FREE!

Publisher’s website:


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