PS3 Trophy List: Naughty Bear

NBboxWe’ve got a review copy of this game floating around the B.O.M.B. Shelter, but so far it hasn’t gotten a lot of play time.

From what I’ve seen so far… this is not going to be an easy Platinum.

Expect a review at some point, but until then, here’s the bling.

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Hardware Review: Samsung Captivate

Samsung CaptivateRecently I made the decision to break up with Apple as far as what device I would use for my personal mobile phone (Sorry Steve, it’s you not me). I decided to try out an Android based device and with my contract still being with AT&T, the only Android phone worth checking out was the Samsung Captivate.

The Samsung Captivate is part of the Galaxy S line of phones finally available in the US. Each carrier is getting  a version with minor hardware differences but fundamentally the same phone. Getting used to the Android OS was a major adjustment, not because it was hard, but because iOS is so simple in comparison. You pretty much have to switch your thinking to “what CAN’T I do to customize it?”

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Gran Turismo 5: Will It Be Worth The Wait?

GT5BoxLet me make this clear: I have no ties to Sony Computer Entertainment, I’m not getting a free review copy of the game, and I will not be receiving compensation of any sort for this preview… or the subsequent review when the game is released.

I’m just a guy who really likes racing and racing games.

My current favorite racing titles? Need For Speed: Shift and Forza Motorsports 2 (Forza 3 didn’t really do it for me).

That being said, the combination of being a racing fan and writing game reviews has come with a penalty; the eternal wait for Gran Turismo 5 has been unbearable.

With a firm release date of November 2, 2010 the wait may finally be over.

Has the development cycle been so long that the game has stagnated, been passed by other franchises in design and performance, that it will release with a whimper and a groan?

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The New Droid X From Motorola

motorola-droid-x-01I just happened to walk into Best Buy and decided to go see if they had a Droid X in. To my surprise they said yes so I said gimmie.

I personally have been trying to decide if I wanted the Droid X or the HTC Incredible. In the end it came down to screen size and pure power. From what I looked into the Droid X it had what I wanted.

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Game Review: Inception – Mind Crime (Android)

Does A Good Movie Translate Into A Good Game?

Type: Puzzle / Map Search (Metal Gear-esq)
Platform: Mobile – Android
Current Cost: Free

The movie Inception has been a Box Office smash since its release a little over a week ago. So, when I saw a commercial for a free downloadable game, I decided to give it a shot.

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