Game Review: Inception – Mind Crime (Android)

Does A Good Movie Translate Into A Good Game?

Type: Puzzle / Map Search (Metal Gear-esq)
Platform: Mobile – Android
Current Cost: Free

The movie Inception has been a Box Office smash since its release a little over a week ago. So, when I saw a commercial for a free downloadable game, I decided to give it a shot.

This game isn’t the most straight forward with it’s directions. When you start the game, you are told to pick a starting and ending point. What they really mean is to run your finger across the screen to create a path for you to travel. inception

Once you have created your path, chosen your starting spot (Point A), and your ending point (Point B), the game is ready to play… Just press START.

Your controls are actually the device. Use the accelerometer control to move your character up, down, left, or right. The further you tilt your device, the faster he moves. You have a top view of the playing field for the game, and actually get to see the “City” develop around your main route after pressing START.

Your main goal is to find two pieces that look like slips of paper that are floating and rotating to get your attention. As you search the map, you will need to avoid bots “searching” for you, each with a green circle around them. That green circle is their detection range. Not all bots have the same range, but once you are detected… RUN!

There are other hidden items that show different posters of the different characters in the movie, but the main goal is to find those two pieces mention earlier. Sadly, your prize for finding those main pieces is a trailer  from the movie. That’s all… Nothing behind the scenes or even an interview… Just a clip.

To me, the game gets old after the 3rd or 4th play, especially since the reward is so lack luster! If I had known and could do it all over, again I’d not have wasted my time or the bandwidth on this game.

VERDICT: Game doesn’t deserve the same name as the movie it represents…


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