The New Droid X From Motorola

motorola-droid-x-01I just happened to walk into Best Buy and decided to go see if they had a Droid X in. To my surprise they said yes so I said gimmie.

I personally have been trying to decide if I wanted the Droid X or the HTC Incredible. In the end it came down to screen size and pure power. From what I looked into the Droid X it had what I wanted.

Considering that the day before I went into Best Buy I was in Verizon and they told me that the X was on a two month back order I was happy when they pulled the phone out of the box.

I really love this phone, it has every thing you could want for it from the droid market. From a killer PS3 trophy app to the great free flash games. For a phone it works for almost anything you could do on a netbook. One thing this phone did that surprised me was that once I added twitter and facebook all my contacts from those web sites they were contacts in my phone, all I had to do was add in phone numbers.

This phone also has a HDMI output so if you really want to you can grab the cable or the dock and hook it up to your big screen. I haven’t been able to get a cable yet to be able to tell you how it works.

The thing that made me the happiest is that to use the phone as your MP3 player all you have to do is plug into your pc and drag and drop over to the phone. No crappy itunes, zune marketplace or any of that.
If you are trying to decide what droid to get and you are looking at the big guns in the droid world here is a break down of some features.

  • Droid X
  • camera: 8 mp
  • screen: 4.3 touch screen
  • internal memory: 8 gig
  • SD memory: 16 gig installed
  • Droid 2
  • camera: 5 mp
  • screen: 3.7 touch screen
  • SD memory: 8 gig installed

Make sure you do your research if you are going to get into a droid and find what will work best for you. If you want a Droid X you might have to wait a while but it will be worth it. Also by the time you are able to get one just walking into a store the 2.2 firmware should be out.

I know it is not the best review but I am still learning how to use this thing. That’s right, this whole review was done on my Droid X.

(Photos were the only thing I couldn’t do on the phone and I figured you might want to see what it looks like.)

If you want to try to grab one try amazon below since they are cheaper there than in store.


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