Game Review: N.O.V.A. (Android/iOS)


A good FPS on a mobile platform is very hard to come by. Typically, the touch controls don’t work for me, especially on smaller devices like the iPhone or my Android. So when I decided to pick up N.O.V.A (Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance), I was a expecting more of the same in terms of control, visuals, stuttering as well as poor battery performance, etc.

Whatever voodoo magic they have going on at GameLoft, they need to keep it up and more developers need to take a look at what they are doing there. The controls for this title work better than any other title that I have ever played on a touch device.

The layout is the same as what we are used to in this type of title: virtual stick on the lower left and using your right thumb anywhere on the screen to look around. To shoot, you tap the fire button located in the lower right hand corner and with the help of the minor targeting assist, it makes for a near flawless experience.

Nova2Weapon switching is done with a quick swipe on the weapon hub in the upper right hand corner and grenades are used by simply tapping the grenade button. There is also a jump button conveniently placed by the fire button but not too close to the fire button that you accidentally hit it instead of shooting.

Visually the game looks great, with plenty of environments and most importantly the game runs smoothly. Even when playing on a device that can be interrupted with phone calls or text messages, the game rarely if ever hiccups.

The single player player campaign is 13 levels and it runs at fairly good pace with varied gameplay elements. Computers and sometimes chests need to be “Hacked” with little mini puzzles to gain access. This is a nice little break from the action, and is nothing too involved to frustrate you or detract completely from the story or gameplay. There is also multiplayer in the form of 2-4 players local, or online deathmatch with leaderboards.

If you’re looking to fill that Sci-Fi FPS void while your on the go, N.O.V.A. is the way to go.

For $4.99 it is definitely worth it.


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