PS3 Trophy List: Kung Fu Rider

Kung Fu RiderThis Playstation Move launch title is getting… less than perfect reviews.

We’ll reserve judgement until we can lay hands on a copy, but until then, we have the Trophy List.

Definitely an odd one, the Trophies are sparse and not very valuable (Bronze and Silvers, no Golds, and no Platinum).

Is this intended to be a downloadable title?

If you’re looking to pick up the game: Buy Kung Fu Rider

Bronze Trophies

Back Breaker
Slide for 100m bent backwards.

Safe Slider
Slide 1000m without crashing.

The Slasher
Grind for 1000m (cumulative).

Sliding Millionaire
Earn $1,000,000.

The Glider
Stay airborne for 3 seconds.

Hyper Slider
Max out Boost within 10 seconds.

The Blaster
Bash 5000 objects (cumulative).

Slide 1000m with Power Dash (cumulative).

Chain Master
Achieve a 30 chain.

Silver Trophies

Town Cleaner
Defeat 100 mafia.

Business Nuisance
Destroy 100 red signs.

Medal Collector
Obtain all collectible medals.

Hidden Trophy
??Unknown?? We’ll update when we have more information.


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